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    Except for the 2 dungeon quests, pixie and killing a world boss quest when you become a scion, are there any other quest from lvl 1-60? I got my first quest at lvl 60 and when I finished it, the next quest requirements are lvl 77. In one of the post, it says: to upgrade to eidolon, you need to

    "Remove all other quests EXCEPT the Second Rebirth quest."

    1. So does that mean there are more quest for scions after lvl 77?
    2. When you get to the 2nd rebirth, you again have to grind from one lvl to the next with no quests?

    I and a few alts are all lvl 60+ scions and I am always looking for some sort of quest to keep the game interesting but as I go from 1 lvl to the next, it is the same, no quest and time to grind again in the human realm.

    For anyone who has been there and done that, would you enlighten me as to future quests if there are any in 1st and 2nd rebirths or is it the same events as when I was mortal just being able to do them better and faster. Thank you