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Clarification on Simulacrum (level 29->39)

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  • Clarification on Simulacrum (level 29->39)

    Not really sure if it's a bug so to speak. Moreso a clarification if it's suppose to be like this.

    Every level of simulacrum went up 100 maturity(essentially an exp bar) than the level before. So 25>26 requires 2600. 26 > 27 require 2700 27>28 requires 2800 28 >29 requires 2900 mat.

    Now the question I have is if it's suppose to jump fro 29->30. It did not for 9>10 nor 19>20. I was expecting 3k, but it went up to 12k. Just asking if it's normal. Here's a screenshot:
    Click image for larger version

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