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    any1 wanna come with me to mourn this dying game. i'm actually sad because this game is dying time to time. everytime i log on to the game and listen to the soundtrack makes me wanna cry. memories from like 2014 comes to my mind. so beautiful. those days i'm playing with my online friends that i'll never hear again. actually i've played different versions of the game, cs origins, cs 2, and saga of hero, which it's website kind of turned down. the last time i played the game is cs2, i played it like in 2017. but this version is just.. the original. this game introduced fantasy to my life. ok thats it gtg cry thank u
    remembering those days where i played this game w/ my friends makes me so emotional. thinking that those memories couldn't be brought back again. and this game would never be the same as years ago. cs was my favorite game back then, and one of the first multiplayer game i've ever played as a child. i think i'm about to say goodbye to this legend game
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