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Mage Issue

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  • Mage Issue

    Hey there i'm an hybrid mage from Killer's Den ^^ i was wondering if you could fix the Black Hole skill in the ice tree arsenal. Sometimes, players can just walk away from the black hole. They'll just get sucked in if they literally just stay in the black hole :\ Thank you^^
    IGN: (S43)Raineee
    Class: Mage
    Server: Killer's Den (merged with Glacial Planes, Shrine of Ariel, The Void Encampment, Sullen Dunes and Cimmerian Woodlands)
    Guild: (S43)Champions
    Position: Cutest

    Officially the #1 Mage in Killer's Den and STILL the cutest in merged servers

    i'm a female gamer with mandible claws :D those who dares to defy me shall be eaten alive by karma ;D

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    pls reply HAHAHA