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question about char accounts and items

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  • question about char accounts and items

    hi, i wanna ask if which is easier to retrieve, deleted characters or deleted items? coz, i know here in r2, there were cases of items and chars accidentally deleted before that were retrieved... i'm playing cs on another game host but our patches and fixes are from r2... i accidentally sold an item and i want it back... but the gm there said that its impossible but its very easy for them to retrieve purposely deleted characters back... i just want to know if its really impossible now or im just unlucky and not that of a heavy casher for them to extend an effort to help... thanks..

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    our gms on joyo were doing that whenever we accidentally sold something, so its possible
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      R2 doesn't retrieve characters that were purposely deleted (accidental, maybe; someone else's fault, quite possibly), and doesn't restore destroyed items unless it's R2's direct fault the item was destroyed. That said, it's hard to answer your question accurately as your GMs may have different policies.

      It's probably not that it's impossible, it's that it's exploitable to restore deleted items. A character is different, as it would just be adding that back to the active database, but you'd still be without whatever it was that was destroyed.
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        I see... well, the gm just replied that the devs said it's not possible... sigh, I do have a proof that i have that item until I sold it accidentally.. if only there are enough vault spaces, I wouldn't have to store that item in my bag...
        Thanks for your replies though