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  • what happend?

    i cant see any of my friends, is like another world, i cant se any player who is in the screen of my friends (yes we are in the same server, and no is not show and hide players or max player on screen) i really see diferent players than my friends... whats going on? please help ): yesterday we were playing fine togeter, i create anoter player just to check if is computer problem or something and no, my other player could see everything normal, just "xkarlitaxx" (main character) cant...

    ooo another thing, i can see the same chat world of the players who are in the server, including my friends
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    There are things called "Lines" which certain maps have a certain amount to ranging from 1-10
    What those are known as abbreviated version of L1, L2, L3, etc.

    If you look on your minimap, at the top left corner of it, you will see an L#
    Just click on it, and make sure you and your friends are in the same Line.

    These are pretty much "different dimensions" so-to-speak, in which people switch to in order to reduce lag or meet up with friends.
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      thanks!! really thanks!!!! :3 lov u!!