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What exactly is explosive attack?

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  • What exactly is explosive attack?

    So, I've heard a few different things about this skill you obtain from upgrading a specific guild skill, but if anyone knows I'd like to know exactly what it is? Or what it does. Is it directly related to critical strike or is it its own special attack like frost or an aoe or what?
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    Blessing of Light (Broken Seal)
    Beast Soul: Lv. 4 Seiryu
    Pet: Gen 1 BA Gen 1 DK Gen 2 Panda (adult)
    Pixie: Holy Terrene 23/40
    Tenet: Lv. 1 Spirit
    Tower: 40/8960
    Soul: 897/3000

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    It's crit %.


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      Which guild level?


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        You mean Battle Reinforcement? since its not on the other skills i guess its passive.
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