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  • crystals

    hi i bought crystals just wondering on how the delivery process works because im not sure if its an instant add to your acc or if i have to claim them somewhere in the game i ordered about 12 hrs ago but yeah a little annoyed to not haveing them yet

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    Don't worry. They will deliver your crystals straight to your char. Just have to wait.

    Still not working? Please file a ticket, or PM a GM. Ty,
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      ok so i put in 2 seperate tickets but when i go to check the status it says invalid ticket and after about 26 hrs still dont got my crystals why does buying game points have to be so difficult


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        It should not take that long just send in a ticket with the email you got saying your payment went through.
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          If you are still waiting for your crystals, please provide your two ticket numbers so that we can poke a GM about it.
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