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Some one help me D:

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  • Some one help me D:

    well i was playing and suddenly it logged me off. And now when i try to log in again it keeps saying connecting to server then it says failed to connect to server please help as soon as possible

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    same thing happened to me on S64
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      failed to connect server why this happening all of the sudden.


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        Total server crash across every server it seems.
        Server: (S39) Erie Marsh
        Character: Jessie
        Class: Priest
        Level: 106+
        Plane Eidolon
        Guild DarkCrusade

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          Same thing happening on S56
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            Server 1 too >:/
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              ...when are they gonna fix this problem btw i'am uliagui second acc well i tried this acc too but it doesn't work even on firefox, and google chrome i haven't tried safari yet


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                Its not a browser problem looks like certain servers crashed.
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