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Is it a bug or flaw of the game?

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  • Is it a bug or flaw of the game?

    win the black demon pet egg in roulette green dragon and when it opened, a poster appeared to try again and it was gone. It is an error or defect in the game?
    We appreciate if you tell me what happens

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    It's not an error. Baby demon and baby angel eggs(in case you get that from the coin) have a chance to be spawn. It's not 100%. Just keep on trying and you'll eventually get it.


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      Moved to General Support.

      It is not a game defect; winning an egg from Dragon Hunt does not guarantee you the pet -- just the egg. As stated, all eggs have a chance at hatching, in spite of how you obtained the egg. Good luck next time!


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        Well, Thank you so much, I have removed the doubt