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Server so lagging

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  • Server so lagging

    hye GMs.. wanna ask why server so lagging lately? lots off ppl get stuck and dc.. sengs always so lagging, dungeon also, ladder..and even in bath.
    before new update its feels normal..but after new update its become worst..

    my isp is good high speed
    my computers same no problems. i already reformat my computer and still lagging.
    browser problems? already tried on IE,Mozilla,chrome,safari and opera all same still get lagging.
    Flash problems? already installed new version
    Ram problem? i used 4Gb ram still had 2Gb free

    pls check why server so lagging..

    - always getting back from where we are moving
    - always dying in the dungeon .normally we not dying...but suddenly its dying in few sec..cause we lagging
    - cannot move correctly in seng and fast key so delay..
    -=[ W3LC0M3 T0 TH3 DARKSID3 ]=-
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    Have you tried disabling pepflashplayer on Chrome?
    Stalkers OP.

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      Does anyone else on your server experience the exact same lag? and if not, problem lies in browser/internetconnection/connectionspeed.
      Le derp alt. I remembered I'm logged on this account after I posted.
      IGN: Smurfs16
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        Seira Island here dont feel any lagg at all^^
        IGN: Luffy
        Level: 7X
        Class: Priest
        Server: Seira Island

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        <----link to livestream