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This game isn't FREE... Can't complete Quests without Crystals which cost $ USDs.

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    I'm glad you're back on track. While you're grinding, check out some of the guides posted by many helpful members of the community here: and don't hesitate to ask about anything you don't understand.
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      Please let me ask one more question while I'm here instead of creating a new thread or searching the Forums.

      My Inventory is usually always full and I see words written on some item descriptions that they can't be placed in Vaults. What is a vault exactly? Is it like a bank where I can store extra things? If so, where do I find a vault? I would like to have more than just my Inventory space.

      Nevermind. I just used the World Map and I saw the word Vault. I don't have a lot of spaces in my Vault unlocked but maybe they will get unlocked later. Thanks guys!
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        Join a guild, farm guild contribution to exchange it for vault expanders, that helps with small inventory you have, also there are various ways to get pack expanders (from lvler pack, dragon hunt coins, buying from other people).

        Good luck.