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Legend of Vidalia [S110] Scarlet Jungle

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  • Legend of Vidalia [S110] Scarlet Jungle

    Character Level Ranking 1: Hina
    Character Level Ranking 2: Bohaiknight
    Character Level Ranking 3: Mbob
    Character Level Ranking 4: Saber
    Character Level Ranking 5: AllCreation
    Character Level Ranking 6: Ahri
    Character Level Ranking 7: LoyalKing
    Character Level Ranking 8: Almirall
    Character Level Ranking 9: AssassinCross
    Character Level Ranking 10: FireKnight

    Gold Ranking (#1 Wealth Ranking): Hina

    Honor Ranking (#1 Honor Ranking): Mbob


    Note:Disbursement of rewards will not immediately follow. This announcement is for documenting purposes.
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    when the we can get the crystal reward?


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      Usually within a week of the event ending. As noted, this announcement is just to document the winners.
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        Don't you guys think the reward distributment is taking way too long? Usually it takes 4 days or less. I get it was a weekend when it was announced . Not to be a nagger but cmon.....
        Xayan "Deception" S 105


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          I will ask about the status of the rewards disbursement.


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            Thanks Reverie
            Xayan "Deception" S 105


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              8 days have passed but we have not yet got the prize from this event


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                Rewards for the Legends of Vidalia should have been sent out.
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