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    Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
    The only way to combat mall is for the entire playerbase to stop feeding it, and stop trading with and allowing people into your guilds and parties who do feed it. Your server lag would almost disappear because there would be less of a drain on the system once all of the bots are gone. You'd have competitive game play again. You'd have more people staying and playing the game, so more people to be competitive with, bigger guilds, more people to fight, etc. People who do spend money there would be doing it through R2 again, which means the game becomes profitable enough for R2 to justify adding more staff to it, which would mean more people working on making the game better and faster support. It's really up to the community to make a stand and take the game back.
    sure but r2 has played a part as well as the games age, it wouldn't be as magically active and full of sunshine and rainbows like you're saying
    'Do transformers get car or life insurance?'