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  • about costumes..

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    well chould ask in gmae discusion
    2.B.R reduses becouse the stat of Angel of Death is worst than Dragonbloods.
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      Originally posted by lushalove View Post
      first, thanks about all thing
      i have Angel of Death,Demon wing, Dragonblood Drapes..
      when i see guide writes, they said that though in inventory i just have costumes, all stat can be stacked..
      now i wear Dragonblood Drapes..
      but when i change it into Angel of death, my B.R is reduced..
      conservely, when i changed Angel of death into Dragonblood , my B.R is imporved..
      i want to wear Angel of death..and i dont want to reduce my B.R
      what should i do?
      If you want higher BR just wear best costume.
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        Originally posted by LylithIT View Post
        If you want higher BR just weare best costume. It is true that stats from costume stacks in inventory but better costumes have better development growth so they'll gain more stats when you wear them cause they gain more stats per level thus more BR.
        Has nothing to with levels and stat growth.
        You basically get 2 sets of stats, one when you acquire a costume you get the stats from it, second whenever you equip a set of costume you get stats from that. This equipped stats is what you see changing when you switch costumes. So if you want more BR equip the best costume and wing.
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