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  • Drakethefirst
    started a topic Hero Guide

    Hero Guide

    Hello guys! Orixy from Server 54 here! (Kabam)

    Now to the basics. First, what level are you? If you're a level higher than 60, what you should do is make sure that you don't spend many Blessed stones and Soulstones until you get at least a good Topaz hero. Wondering what hero you should recruit? Well, you should recruit 2 tanks first. These 2 tanks should be good. I made a bad mistake and recruited Shadowraith. Well, don't. First, get the Nether Knight. He is really OP as he can heal with each activated move. However, many people think that Shadowraith is good. However, there is something that is very catchy. King of bones is a level 61+ hero and he has the same skill as Shadowraith. But however, it is extra buffed. In this way, King of Bones is better. However, unless you can get King of Bones, your main tank should be Nether Knight. Bring him into evey place you go. In Team Arena, he works what is essentially wonders. So here's a guide that focuses on the taverns unlocked.

    First Tavern (Dawn Tavern)
    The Dawn Tavern is the first tavern you have access to. And in this tavern, your main tank should be Zweihander as he is very OP. His skill does a **** ton of damage for his tier, and he comes with a chance to counter-strike for the next two turns. This could prove to be your saving hero in a battle. Get the mermaid as a healer, as she is the only one who can heal you at one of the lower levels. For your back row, you should be with the mermaid and also with another character of your choice.

    Second Tavern (I forgot)
    This tavern allows you to recruit your first topaz heroes and garnet heroes. Now you should try to get Nether Knight. He is your first priority. Then get the Night Sentinel and yourself in the back row. If you still can, please try to recruit the Djinni as a healer replacement to the Mermaid. Don't use the Mermaid with the djinni. The mermaid is below your level now. Anyways, for your tank, you should use Nether Knight and also use Shadowraith. Now, you shouldn't concentrate on getting a better hero.

    Working on it tommorrow

    Lvl 61 Berserker
    Lvl 63 Polly Majestic
    320k BR
    Djinni, myself, Celestial maiden Back Row; Shadowraith, Zweihander, front row.

  • R258119329
    If you think Panda is useless you haven't faced mine. Mine is evolved to Kung Fu Panda and he's awesome.

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  • DOXXIE100
    You dont really need tanks when you have your main... And SURELY not Nether Knight.. If you get to 61 try recruiting BC and Nereida.. And then save card lotto vouchers..
    Last edited by DOXXIE100; 02-08-2015, 11:42 AM.

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  • Shanrou
    Tips to add:
    Keep Astral Child as backup, if by lvl 70 you still dont have LE, deploy her.
    First Orange hero should be Night Sentinel, as he keeps on till lvl 60-70 tolerably, NK fails miserably against lvl 60 against the odd ES/GW that pops up.
    First red hero should be either BC (try to get GW shards if you are on new server, really helps) if you are going for tanks, or Neredia if you are for one of the IRB's.

    Night Sentinel, Valkyrie, Beserker Claws (Godless Wolf), ES (Hercules), and newer more expensive ones like SQ and DE.
    If you go this way I think ES, BC and two healers, or a healer and a buffer is good, not sure though.

    Rumours; From asking around these things are apparently the case, some are input from noobs, don't blame me if they are wrong.
    Poseidon is only good if you can cash him up a lot.
    Amazon hunter: Very good for backing up IRB.
    Mountain God/SoO, apparently useless?
    Divine Angel is very good with IRB
    Santa is good hitter, same with DE, if you have BC but not GW, apparently it's better to dump him, and recruit her.
    Dark Paladin, Arcane spirit, Panda and HH are useless? But not the evolves :P

    Snow Queen and Silver Dragon Lord I have NO idea whatsoever about, and noone else does

    IRB1 is Astral Child and Neredia, for free impatient players or newer people, ask someone else for what upgrade.
    IRB2 is Neredia and LE (Light Envoy) for patient people or cashers, again ask someone else for what upgrade.
    (IRB itself is the Infinite Rage Build)

    Hecate (outdated now, better wait for some new buffed up healers like the ''Dragon Singer'', whoever she is. If you have had her for a a very long time, and she is super-upgraded, keep her though, but try to evolve)
    Lunar Priestess (better but useless in defending IRB, apparently u should only get her if you are going tank route according to some cs cashers.)
    Blazing Hecate (Very expensive but newer version of Hecate, combine her withe Hercules, MoD (LE evolve) and Neredia, with another hitter as a backup, you have a lovely casher build.

    It appears 1600 cards are necessary for ones like evolves and maybe ES/DE(Q),but some still only require 1.2k, look each HoC, and discuss with your server teamates about getting top ranking, if you have a hard casher on your server who would beat you otherwise, ask them not to this time.

    In the Rumours bit, try to add some input and say whether they are right or not if you have the heros in question

    Feel free to correct any mistakes I've made, and to add to the IRB section.
    Last edited by Shanrou; 01-31-2015, 10:11 AM.

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  • Playy001
    Yea, this guide is bad

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  • tackleit1994
    Drakethefirst appreciate your help to guide .. but it is not really a good guide

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  • Norman818181
    From my own perspective and exp, Sorry to say this, but whoever follow this guide will sure fail badly.

    1) You dont need to save your bless stone or soul till you get topaz hero. You can inherit.

    2) Getting Tank heroes at level 60+ is suicide. Unless you are super rich cashier to pump Tank heroes, they are useless. Even if you are super rich, no one pump tank hero because the strongest Tanker is your Main Char after level 60+, therefore all the top players will only get Rage(Nereida/ LE/Atral child) /Damager(Godless wolf(BC)/ES/ NS) / Healer(Hecate only) heroes to deal huge damage or heal alot.

    For those who wish to follow this guide, i wish you all the best. My perspective of this guide (only my perspective, not trying to be insult anyone) is this guide is totally useless.

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