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  • Irb/irb2

    [Guide] IRB/IRB2
    IRB Is a known party formatation which can help you in your daily tasks however the best place to use it in is Gountlet.It helps you to reach the maximum dmg delt (Obviously our seniors are aware of it already but let’s just show our newbies how is it being set.

    Click image for larger version

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    Basic IRB/IRB2 Info

    so what do you need for irb/irb2? – Nereida + LE/mod (And some good damage dealers)

    Nereida requirements:
    Upgrade 18-21 : 18th gives you 47 rage 21st gives 50 rage To be sure I’d suggest to get 21st upgrade. But, ofc the higher the skill, the better.
    Click image for larger version

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    LE/MOD requirements:
    Again upgrade 18-21 : 18th upgrade gives you 54 rage 21st gives you 57 rage.
    The higher you’re your skill is the better
    Click image for larger version

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    Your main goal to reach IRB/IRB2 is to get your rage up to 100 per turn
    Which is done once your Nereida & LE/MOD reaches certain upgrade lvls (as mentioned above)

    If nereida or Le/MOD are out of your reach – you can always use astral child! (If any info required about her upgrades - feel free to ask)

    DMG’rs – To get your dmg as high as possible

    Obviously you will choose the highest dmg’rs available for you, which can be – ES/GW/Main – But that’s your own choice

    If you have just recently started to play – you will want to reach 18.5k dodge on your main – to avoid being hitted ( and keep your main at front row mid spot(just as in the picture above))


    I’d personally use fire totem for the little extra dmg (however for some dmgers it may not take much of an effect)


    18-21 – If higher – GOOD FOR YOU

    Good luck in gauntlets 
    P.S works for me more than good, everything dies once hitted.
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    You said something interesting. what I liked was the amount, to revive. you have and you do not have a complete defining specific set.
    in some screenshots. what gives me to conclude that some have few bonus armadura.que are also useful. I'll have this thing also, into consideration.


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      If nereida or Le/MOD are out of your reach – you can always use astral child! (If any info required about her upgrades - feel free to ask)

      I really would like to know about the Upgrade Levels on adtral child if u dont mind.... will be a while before i get LE yet


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        If you mean Nereida+Astral Child combo, it's +15 for both.
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          Astral hunter is also an option for adding more rage.
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