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How to get the Most out of your WB (World Boss) Experience!

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  • How to get the Most out of your WB (World Boss) Experience!


    Here is a really quick Heads up for those that wonder how they can maximize GOLD that they earn every time they hit WB. (I am pretty sure a lot of Pro's has their own preferences but here's mine)

    1. During WB make sure to at least get the BOOST from Angels (PATK for Melee, MATK for Magic, Crit!)
    2. During WB also make sure to use the Free Boost (don't have diamonds)
    3. If possible, make sure to have High Level Crit Gems on your Hitters (DPS)
    4. Check the Party Formation making sure that the Heavy Hitters can Strike WB more (due to the fact that WB can 1 hit most toons)
    5. Switch out Toons that have less atk with toons that have more dmg (every tick counts)
    6. Rage attacks that is likely to deal massive damage is advisable
    7. Make sure to place your Heaviest Hitter with Angel Buffs for Critical (Cross fingers every time!)

    Well that's it for my Quick Heads UP for World Boss

    Please feel free to reply more useful tips for WB!

    More fun and Keep on rockin!

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    Use free boost when you start waiting for World Boss and continue to click it when it is out. It will increase your attack.