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How do you spend more than 6k daily honor cap?

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  • How do you spend more than 6k daily honor cap?

    I have seen some people on my servers that have 2 x 5k emblems with the same buy time.

    Is there a way to spend over the 6k honor cap for cross server?

    Or is that a privilege for VIP?

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    well im a vip.. and the cap is currently set at 12k for me.. so yeah.. i think its one of the privileges..


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      The Honor spending cap is 5k for everyone and an additional 1k for every Vip Level
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        im 10days to be expired with my vip 5 if i buy now 799diamond 1month to it increase the time duration of my vip?

        and if i didnt renew it and buy vip again do i still be vip 5? or i will be starting again at vip4?


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          My trial vip expired a while back, on VIP 2, and my cap is still 7000honour even that a bug then? My garden plants and drill slots remained? but not my angel tears and alchemy?
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            u paid for ur garden slots and drills so it is normal to remain . dunno about the honor cap


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              its normal i had free vip trial aswell so end up on inactive vip 2 so i got 7k daily honor cap aswell


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                how to get trial VIP? and is it free?


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                  You only get Trial VIP once from what I experienced. Out of First Recharge pack. VIP itself is 699 diamonds.
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