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HoC vouchers

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  • HoC vouchers

    used all of mine by mistake...anyone knows if i aint consuming them all today will they remain there tomorrow or not?

  • #2
    Yes they will remain even for the next HOC event
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    • #3
      not. consume em all now. tomorrow it will become 10


      • #4
        so it is 1-1...anyone else?


        • #5
          i heard that too... iam doing expiriement if they go to next day, i will tell you tommorow


          • #6
            I had done the same thing as you last hoc, they do last to the next day and you also get the 10 free draws as well. I am not sure if they last from event to next event but they do day to day during the same event. (that is unless anything changed since last hoc)