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Genesis Khaos Bugged??

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  • Genesis Khaos Bugged??

    I noticed that my "Upgraded Stats in Khaos for Genesis is not activated. She is at a higher level compared to my other heroes so I found it odd that all my heroes had their "Upgraded Stats" activated and not Genesis. I checked with a at least one other person on GTA Platform who has the same issue. I wonder if anyone else might have it also.

    Please view attached Screenshots in Imgur album.

    I also reported this issue through ticket support and I linked it to this Forum post for more information.

    Additional Information:
    This is the person with the toon on GTA who is experiencing same issue.

    IGN: ScarlettRose
    Server: KongregateS5
    Platform: R2games

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    Good morning Trinal.
    Here is my understanding of this. Until some months ago the max level in Khaos was 10.10, and the upgrade to that max lvl showed values on both Current and Upgraded stats. After the training lvl was increased over 10.10 there appears this message with "skill not owned" on Upgraded stats (visual bug?! maybe). The skill lvl on hero and angel is +10 max, that won't change nor it will increase, what will increase is the attributes once you upgrade card/s on hero and angel over 10.10. Here is a series of ss, maybe it makes this more understandable:
    1. Current and Upgraded Stats when upgrade is up to 10.10 Click image for larger version

Name:	khaos up to 10.10.png
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Size:	225.9 KB
ID:	1956739
    2. Current and Upgraded stats after upgrade over 10.10 Click image for larger version

Name:	khaos over 10.10.png
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Size:	217.8 KB
ID:	1956740
    3. Increase of Attributes once you upgrade over 10.10 Click image for larger version

Name:	khaos card skills.png
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Size:	874.1 KB
ID:	1956741
    REQUIRED INFO: Please don't forget to provide your in-game name/IGN, server name and number and also screen shots for the issues & problems experienced.