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    IG: Micky
    server: uc27
    my khaos atlas 5 and 6 star was gone in inventory! so LAG! make all my browser slower.. this game become worse and worse..

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    Good evening. My suggestion is to check everything in Khaos Atlas, first, just to be sure the cards haven't somehow "migrated" elsewhere (though I doubt, but there's a possibility as anything is possible with this freezings and hiccups on servers lately). I would suggest you to submit a ticket to support, too. Here is the link to follow for that: .
    Give there all requested details (IGN, server name and number), provide details about issue (when happened, what you were performing when you discovered they're missing, what khaos cards were they, how many, if they were equipped on any hero or just there in inventory, etc). There are also needed some screenshots, uncropped and unedited, of the Khaos Atlas >> Equip tab, star 5 and 6 scroll in "star".
    All these elements are also needed for a proper report via forum. Waiting for you to come with the requested info. Thank you.
    REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your IGN, server name & number and screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID. Screenshots provided must be uncropped and timestamped.