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Idun's Ring, Wrong stats?

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  • Idun's Ring, Wrong stats?

    Iduns ring was originally advertised as having +350 hit / +350 crit.

    Click image for larger version

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    After the tycoon ended, the ring ended up with the stats of a boot item, is this a bug? because now the rune bonuses don't work for accessory rune.

    Could this please be adressed.

    Snowae S107

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    Even in the rankings when I view the stats for that item it shows Agility instead of Hit and Crit.
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      Theres 2 types of rings:

      Tyr's Ring Hit 500 Crit 500

      ldun's Ring Agi 2500

      Thats what i see


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        on the first few days i clearly remember Tyr's ring being 500/500 and iduns 350/350 that's why i pushed so hard to get both the weapon and the ring.
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          Also there are posts on GTarcade about this issue too, seems were not the only ones that had a ring turn into a pair of boots.....

          Edge any confirmation on this?


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            well look at this guys.Click image for larger version

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