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Jackpot Spins went nuts

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  • Jackpot Spins went nuts

    This morning i was in Jackpot section spining for the supreme as i always do.
    From my 30 spin points i had i got only 60 refining stones which is quite impossible, since the last spin gave me 40 refining stone (as you may see in the screenshot below).

    1st spin gave me : 20 refining stones
    2nd spin gave me : nothing
    3rd spin gave me 40 refining stones.
    Somehow the 2nd spin was lost in the dark. Even if it'd have gave me the minimum rewards i should have still ended up with 80 refining stones at the end.
    Please take a look and fix this since it's not the 1st bug we encounter.

    If the bugs are still happening i wonder who would keep paying for a bugged system. This way you might lose lots of your players (which aparently, as far as i saw are at least minimum cashiers - montly vip )

    The bug happened on S90 - Deathshade Lair.
    Account : Trotineta
    Class : Mage
    Level : 68
    Time of the bug : around 3:55 AM Server time
    Also submited a bug through the ticket system.
    Hope you`re going to fix this soon.

    With great consideration
    Trotineta is the name
    LoA is the game
    S90-Deathsades Lair is my home
    I think my dog ate the bone