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  • UC10 - Come join the fun!!!

    Is your server boring to play on? Why not come over to UC10 and join us? We have lots of fun. All the TRASH talking you can handle from our "werry" own Stranger. We also have a mentor who plays and mentors on our server. We also have many old toons resurrected back to life. I am not sure how this happens but it does, it might have something to do with Jesus? If you can handle this type of nonsense please come.
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    Usually you can report such people for bad language via ticket and they will get muted or banned for repeatable offense. And also you can block them to stop seeing their trashtalk.
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      Now I have been silenced. I guess your not allowed to disagree with another player on your server who happens to be an r2 mentor. Let's be honest I put her down and she put me down as well. BUT I was silenced. I guess it's a good thing I started another toon over on GTA platform because I can see myself getting banned for nor following whatever she deems as protocol.

      Heisenberg UC10