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  • Two suggestions

    I would like to suggest an improvement for the Smelting Event. I believe we should be able to smelt every single item in our inventory. My inventory has gotten tons and tons of useless garbage over the years which I have no other use for them besides look at them. For example, some fusion gems I have no use for. I will never use them. I would like to smelt them or at least split them so I could form other gems of my interest.

    Older chest shards in Raids. I had patience for grab all shards from previous levels, but it costs time and attempts for better shards. Now I have hundreds of shards for level 4 I will not use. I would like to smelt them.

    Fairy icons. I got duplicated fairy icons which I cannot use to train in Unbreakable bound. So they sit still in my inventory waiting for nothing.

    And so, and so, and so...


    As a completionist (does this word even exist??), I would like to complete the collection of angels, fairies and mounts. But older fairies and mounts look like they never appear in shops or events anymore. I havent seen Astrid, Tutu, Aries, Glacial Wolf. Where are they? Went on vacation? Will they ever be back? I would like to suggest they to come back someday.

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    Hi Galateia. Will forward suggestions, thank you for you were on the point with those. As for them being considered or applied that is entirely on devs, who will choose the if, the when and the how for it to happen .
    REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your in-game name/IGN, server name and number and also screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID.
    Screenshots provided should be uncropped and time-stamped.

    LoA is seeking mentors. Apply here:

    NOTE: ON VACATION starting with February 1st. Please, contact and address your in-game issues and problems to MemoryLane. Thank you and happy playing!


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      Actually with the game being 4 years old they should apply all past items in game by now there is no reason why events carry the same old stuff over and over again. There are A LOT of items you cant even find. Just add them in along with the certain events i'm sure it not that hard.