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Where is a mentor when needed?

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  • Where is a mentor when needed?

    so much rudeness that they say to the players and nobody says anything to them, I have screenshot and they do not do anything like that, it's been a long time since no mentor visits my server and the world chat only speaks rude

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    Hi there alomguz. About a mentor visiting your server ... maybe we can help if you come with the info about server name and number so that we can ask a GM to see what it is about with the problems you say you have there.
    However, I suggest you to submit a ticket to support, following this link, here: . They are the ones who can check and solve any issue related to what you have mentioned as happening on your server. Do not forget to fill in with your data (IGN, server name and number), to give details about what the problem is and to add screenshots. Remember that your issue has to be documented, with strong evidence, and that the screenshots are a "must".
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    REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your IGN, server name & number and screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID. Screenshots provided must be uncropped and timestamped.