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Can't enhance "Fury " equipment higher than 111.

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  • Can't enhance "Fury " equipment higher than 111.

    Can someone tell me why I can't enhance "Fury" equipment higher than 111. Message says character level not high enough. Main character is level 99/ BR 7.5M / Total BR 25M. R2 Support are asleep at the wheel as I have lodged a ticket with them.

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    That might be returned because you should have total lvl cap for enhancing as a sum of your lvl + DR level (Divine Realm). Check and see what that sum is (I do not have any info related to the level of your DR).
    Also, if there's any issue which requests assisstance, of any sort, please, post your problem in the corresponding section of the forum, provide your data details (IGN, server name and number) and a screenshot to show what the issue is. Thank you .
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