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  • Ban alts from events

    The use of alts in events is getting stupid now on our server (s253 city of runes ) as it is on many others, These alts are now being used to rank block in events which is a form of cheating to gain the main char an advantage over others, Now im sure that is against the rules. As far as im aware alts being used in the rose event is a bannable offence as this to gives an unfair advantage over others, So the same rule should apply to alts being used to rank block other players in events this is a form of cheating and its getting worse on our server, This has a knock on effect as a lot of players have left the game due to this kind of cheating, And its frustrating to those that remain, Its now got to the point where many players on my server are getting angry over this form of cheating, If you are going to make a rule for one event ( rose event ) then make it a rule for all events, you cant have one rule for one event and not all events thats double standards, Another reason for all these alts appearing (apart form being used to cheat in events by rank blocking others ) is our server is dead one guild is made up of alts as no new players to join. The devs really need to sort out this kind of cheating that goes on which ever way you look at it using alts in events to rank block is CHEATING.
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    I agree with what your saying but you need to provide the proof that one is using and alt for an unfair advantage. Even if you do ban that alt what will prevent that person from making another. It's a vicious cycle you just cant get around. As they say if you cant beat them join them lol.


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      No, rule for rose event doesnt apply in other events. There is significant difference between using resources of alt character to improve ranking of main character and using resources of alt character to improve ranking of same alt character. So it is not cheating.