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To Honor Our Angel – Serrin (Poem is Chosen)

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    You are an angel, always an angel
    Hope you're now better place
    You will be missed, always
    RIP sweet Serrin
    Originally posted by Henry Miller
    There are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature.



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      The child angel-serrin

      Originally posted by R2CS_Rita View Post
      January 10, 2014. This day not only marked the release of League of Angels, but also the day we met fellow GM, Serrin. She worked closely with both the players and the operation team, making everyone’s lives not only easier, but brighter.

      Unfortunately, as many of you may already know, Serrin passed away last week causing us all to lose a beautiful person from our lives. She was and is still an Angel to many and we would like to remember her for that. Thus, in her honor, we will be creating (thanks to GTArcade) a new Angel in-game named after Serrin. We hope that this special Angel will forever remind us of her kindness.

      Before we release Angel Serrin, we hope that you will take a few moments to post a heartfelt poem in 160 characters or less in honor of Serrin. One of these posts will be then be chosen to publish in-game for Angel Serrin’s release.

      Note: Due to the server update schedule, a suitable poem will be selected from those submitted by May 11th.


      They clamour and fight, they doubt and despair, they know no end
      to their wrangling.
      Let your life come amongst them like a flame of light, my
      child, unflickering and pure, and delight them into silence.
      They are cruel in their greed and their envy, their words are like
      hidden knives thirsting for blood.
      Go and stand amidst their scowling hearts, my child, and let
      your gentle eyes fall upon them like the forgiving peace of the
      evening over the strife of the day.
      Let them see your face, my child, and thus know the meaning
      of all things; let them love you and thus love each other.
      Come and take your seat in the bosom of the limitless, my
      child. At sunrise open and raise your heart like a blossoming
      flower, and at sunset bend your head and in silence complete the
      worship of the day.


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        Oh Angel Serrin, may you now rest
        Having completed your final Quest
        You lit our night you held our hand
        Now we will journey on in this strange land

        R.I.P. Serrin


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          Serrin, Serrin, in the sky,
          Sing us a sweet lullaby,
          Songs of Praise and words of prayer,
          Sunlit wings flow through the air,

          Rest you now at heavens door,
          Watch us now forever more,
          When God comes to call me too,
          We'll party up, me and you.

          Human life is a cocoon,
          rest in peace and see you soon.

          BAM! Get it!


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            We both gave birth to death.
            but here we stopped at a little bit of time.
            because you are gone, and here we are.
            Memory of fennmard sure, because then we meet every day.
            When looking at your angel
            we recall in our souls face.
            The big ones said to form lasting.
            An angel will give you eternal memento here.
            Stay with us forever soul...


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              A tribute to Serrin

              There's no meeting without farewell,
              Ther'es no joy that never ends,
              Now Serrin shall be remembered well,
              For what she did till her end,

              All the moments when she's well,
              She helped, and made lots of friends,
              And on the day she passed away,
              Our prayers will her all the way,

              All the times she answered our calls,
              Patiently she endured and helped,
              Dedicated and serving going through the problems,
              Making things better when help is needed,

              Thank you Serrin, for what you did,
              For all the times that we need,
              Thank you for being living angels that you did,
              And with our prayers, we wish you rest in peace


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                  Rest In Peace Serrin.....i must admit i`m not good at poems, however i would like to dedicate a song for her SCORPIONS - SEND ME AN ANGEL


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                    my deepest condolences to her family and friends.... and i would like to extend my condolences to the admins and friends from LOA who worked close with her ...


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                      My condolences to Serrin's Family and friends....May you rest in peace and forever be in the happiness of heaven

                      IGN Raven5555
                      Server 84 Citadel of doom


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                        sad to hear the news...


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                          My condolences to serrins family and friends....It saddens me to hear the news...


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                            my condolences.. Angel Serrin i think she was missing star who fell on earth years ago.