SS Resource Tycoon: A new Angel makes her debut!!!

Greetings and a good day for you all LoA fans and players! With this SS Resource Tycoon a new angel makes her debut and it's ready to join your squad. Hela, with her Aura of Decay, arrives from the Angel's Land, eager to take her place by your side and to protect you. She will be showing up this coming Single-Sever Resource Tycoon, which lasts from September 10th to September 15th! Be prepared and grasp the chance to recruit her on your side! We hope everyone will enjoy this event!

Here are the rewards for Ranks 1, 2 and 3, detailed as it follows:
  • Rank 1:
Hela's Icon*1, (L4) Eternal Coldwind*1, Lvl. 11 Angel Essence Chest*1, Golden Color (23#), Tycoon Certificate*6, Lvl. 14 Fusion Gem Chest*1, Lvl. 9 Armament Crystal Chest*4
  • Rank 2-3:
Althea's Icon*1, (L3) Missional Chaos' Ring*1, Lvl. 10 Angel Essence Chest*1, Knight Crystal (22#)*1, Tycoon Certificate*4, Lvl. 13 Fusion Gem Chest*2, Lvl. 9 Armament Crystal Chest*2