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    Fix the Bug on s13. since yesterday no compensation no battles in team arena
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      happened on my team just now in s31. 1 person and 1 hero were lost before the game. so, for sure we lost the game
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        S 17 doesn't have TA from 2 days ? Are you sleepng guys ? No compensations too. This game going to be real ****... So many bugs ! The game is beta,but this is not excuse ! The game run before 1 month...


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          after that urgent maintenance all team arena is gone haywire, you only fixed s1, s2, s3 & s11? I think ALL the server team arena is down, until this second s20 still can't do team arena until this second so how can you say it's just 4 server that's affected when the fact is MANY server is having a problem???


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            wait what o_o we didnt have in S8 team arena for 2days before and the compensation we got was 1k prestige... now they have it down for 1 morning (evening still seems to have worked!) and they get 40 crests?