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Limited Time Group Buy: Up to 50% OFF

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  • Limited Time Group Buy: Up to 50% OFF

    We are introducing a fantastic new group event for our valiant players: Group Buy. Save up to 50% on items such as Claudia's Icon, Mysteral Wings Shard, Ruby Herosoul, and much, much more.

    Limited Time Group Buy
    Duration: 2/21 – 2/25 (server time)
    Description: The Group Buy system consists of two purchase options: diamond purchase and voucher purchase. During the event, the more players who purchase the same item, the higher the discount they can receive on the item. Discounts can be as high as 50% off.

    The items available during this event are Claudia's Icon, Mysteral Wings Shard, Ruby Herosoul, Topaz Herosoul, Lvl. 5 Common Gem Chest, Lvl.5 Superior Gem Chest, Lvl.4 Cherubstone, Basic Energy Card (50), Garnet Herosoul, Lvl.3 Common Gem Chest, Lvl.3 Superior Gem Chest, Aegis Shard, Soulstone, Angel's Tears and Synth Scroll.

    Click image for larger version

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    1. During the event, the more players who purchase the same item, the higher the discount can be for the item. The discount can be as high as 50% off.
    2. If you purchased an item at a higher price than the final price, the system will automatically calculate and return the price difference to you once the event ends. For example, if a player bought an item priced at 3600 Diamonds, but the final price of the item is 2000 by the end of the event, s/he will get 1600 Diamonds back.
    3. Group Tickets can be used during the Group Buy event to purchase certain items. 1 Group Ticket is worth 1 Diamond. Group Tickets can be obtained from two events: Total Recharge and Today’s Gift.
    4. If a purchase involves Group Tickets, the Diamonds paid for with Group Tickets will not be returned. For example, a player buys an item priced at 3600 Diamonds with 3200 Diamonds and 400 Group Tickets. After the event end, the price final price of the item happens to have dropped to 2000 diamonds, but the player will only get 1200 Diamonds back.

    Lucky Draw:
    The first time a player buys each specific item in Group Buy (per day), they will get a chance to draw in the Lucky Draw. Prizes include Group Buy points, Vouchers, and a special item that gives a 100% refund on the player’s first purchase of the day!

    1. Group Buy points are rewarded to players every time they make a successful purchase. These points can be used in the Lottery.
    2. In the Lottery, players must choose a number from 1-999.
    3. After the event, 1 lucky number will be chosen by the system. The player who has chosen the same number will win 5000 Diamonds! Those who do not win the jackpot will receive Vouchers according to the amount of Lucky Numbers they have.

    Today’s Gift
    Duration: 2/21-2/25 (server time)
    Description: Login each day to win great prizes!

    Requirements Rewards
    Total Logins: 1 Day Voucher x20, Group Ticket x20
    Total Logins: 2 Days Voucher x50, Group Ticket x50
    Total Logins: 3 Days Voucher x100, Group Ticket x100
    Total Logins: 4 Days Voucher x150, Group Ticket x150
    Total Logins: 5 Days Voucher x200, Group Ticket x200
    Total Recharge Rewards
    Duration: 2/21-2/25 (server time)
    Description: During the event, players whose total recharge amounts reach certain amounts will be able to receive extra rewards!

    Requirements Rewards
    Total Recharge: 1 Diamond Group Ticket x100
    Total Recharge: 1500 Diamond Voucher x100, Group Ticket x100
    Total Recharge: 5000 Diamond Voucher x300, Group Ticket x300, Lvl.3 Cherubstone x1
    Total Recharge: 15000 Diamond Voucher x400, Group Ticket x400, Lvl.3 Holy Crystal x10
    Total Recharge: 30000 Diamond Voucher x500, Group Ticket x500, Ruby Herosoul x50
    Total Recharge: 60000 Diamond Voucher x1000, Group Ticket x1000, Lvl.6 PATK Gem x1, Lvl.6 MATK Gem x1

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    baad gm, cant u wait till i have my salary


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      hahaha very bad schedule please re schedule.


      • #4
        Let's see.....casher event........casher event......casher event.......seeing a pattern here? Going to lose a lot of players at this rate if you don't think about the f2p's also r2. Lot of peeps left Wartune for that reason. *Myself included* Don't repeat it here.


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          I have a problem.

          I recharged but there is no way to redeem the group tickets or anything
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            lol seriously you couldnt wait till the end of the month for payday i wanted them wings GRRRR reschedule please
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              nvm seen it after refresh


              • #8
                I'm starting get annoying with all these Diamonds Purchase Events.
                I left some r2games already because that marketing strategy. I'm thinking living LoL if you dont stop a little.


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                  but i have 1000 vouchers i think it is a good sheduleClick image for larger version

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                    anytime is good for the voucher side, seeing as vouchers easy to get lol,

                    but them to do add this a week before most peoples paydays, is just stupid

                    on another note scam much that claudia icon was at 10 sold, so discount was active on it. now its suddenly gone down.
                    IGN - asteroph
                    Class - sorcerer
                    Server - [26] Paradisia's Glory


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                      this event is terribad


                      • #12
                        so they gave us a new currency we cant use unless we spend and we cant sell it for something usefull like gold seems really redundant


                        • #13
                          so you give us 450 group buy for all event and a few wing shards cost a minimum of 750 (with 50% off)... nice event for those who wants to spend buying diamonds, again.
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                            so i cant even use my vouchers to buy more than 1 lvl 3 gem chest for example ..... i can buy 1 per day *** is this ... Worst game hosts ever ...


                            • #15
                              The minimum cost of the wings is $75 USD.

                              ... Sorry, R2 games. I'm going to spend that $75 on buying a new game. You seem to be missing the point of the whole "micro-transaction" thing.

                              Let me simplify it for you -

                              You do a lot of really small sales that add up to big profits.