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Mount Exclusive: Grab Your Favorite Mount!

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    Originally posted by Tweakley View Post
    Can you get another steed to evolve and then have the original and an upgraded version? Thankies
    looking in the glamor option after you evolve, royal steed is no longer an option to unlock in glamor. so it would be a waste to get a 2nd royal steed icon
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      Thank you so much! Whew, was about to do that maybe! lol


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        what is the rating of this majestic steed by the way? The other two has no problem, we can see it at the mount glamor.


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          Originally posted by R22030725 View Post
          can the non vip grab the 500 devotion shard every day to get the mount? if not can we non vip have a different
          way to obtain them plz
          If you mean the Sapphire.. You need to buy 3 more attempts in Raid - 150 dias + 200 for the Arena benefit, that gives you +2 free daily attempts in Arena to collect all 3 of them and get the mount bonus card.

          Originally posted by R24305689
          hahaha These mounts are for VIP=CASH players as a free player you got no chance of getting it
          Im free player and I got it. Its not so easy to get 200 dias from offers, but its not impossible.
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