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Fixed: CS/TA/TD Bugs During Cross-server Tournament

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  • Fixed: CS/TA/TD Bugs During Cross-server Tournament

    The Cross-server War, Team Arena, and Team dungeon bugs that occurred during the Cross-server Tournament have been fixed and compensation was sent out to players in effected servers. If you are still having issues with these bugs please reply to this thread with relevant information (Server, IGN, Short Description and Bug Screenshot) so that we can address it as quickly as possible. Again, we apologize for any and all inconvenience caused and hope that you can enjoy the game more!
    Found a bug? Report it here: Happy gaming! :o:cool:;)

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    we have received no compensation so far.
    League of Angels

    S94 Lonewind Forest
    Magus Rynd


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      I got 600 Dragon crests
      Trotineta is the name
      LoA is the game
      S90-Deathsades Lair is my home
      I think my dog ate the bone


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        no compensation here ether
        Server 182 Snakemoor Fen

        Guild - Serenity
        Name - DieForHonor
        Level - 64
        Br - 500k

        Server 61 Doomstone Forest

        Guild - Highness
        Nick - automat
        Level - 75
        Br - 963k


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          0 compensation on s91 !


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            What was fixed plz ? So "works" cs today...

            and tooootal laggy (((
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              Inferno is Still Bugged Please Fix him also


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                i got bug in inferno i stuck in middle monster and cant kill or move after i relod my browser still cant move
                [ATTACH=CONFIG]Click image for larger version

Name:	stuck.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	914.6 KB
ID:	1693024[/ATTACH]
                plz fix this


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                  S14 only received cross-server compensation. For TA not yet


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                    I got in cs and i am alone lol
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Bug in CS.gif
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Size:	464.7 KB
ID:	1693067


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                      Twice per day jumped bug. Found a team you press "ok" - the screen freezes, the picture freezes and the end. Do renewal the page because there is no alternative, and wait 18 minutes until the next "join gueue". Some people wrote on the server, they can not take the "collect", when they do 3 daily attempts.
                      Somehow, forgive me, but 2 weeks you have sea of ​​errors appears in the game ... seriously start to take some action to eliminate problems.
                      Because lag inferno when a black screen hangs, and the time for some reason on a timer goes - killing in the end. Make another "S" letter with such a "help" ...
                      Thx for attencion
                      [S177] Pearly Highlands

                      In chess, it's called Zugzwang: when the only useful move - not budge.


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                        Originally posted by R247969621 View Post
                        I got in cs and i am alone lol
                        you should play all CS matches alone :P just kidding
                        League of Angels

                        S94 Lonewind Forest
                        Magus Rynd