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How to be an Archer

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  • How to be an Archer

    Hello guys I wanted to make one archer guide for new players and maybe for old ones

    In this guide you can find:

    1. Archer advantages and weakness
    2. BR guide
    3. Skill tree
    4. Gem builds
    5. Astro builds
    6. Academy

    1. Archer advantages and weakness
    We archers are usually 1st in world bosses cause we have high Critical and Double shot (skill) and i would like to say that the archer is a very easy class to
    play with... i the early 1-45 levels archers are the best , but in order to keep up with the knights and mages after level 45 either you have to be top player on the server or you will need a lot of cash to keep up. So if u are non-casher the best choice is to be one of us (archers).
    Archers at start have balanced PDEF (Physical defence) and MDEF (Magical defence), so u need to focus on boosting both defences equally. If u have higher MDEF then all Archers and Kights will be your problem. And opposite if your PDEF is higher than MDEF mages will be your problem. In the next section i will show u guys how to make balance between thoose defences and to stay strong...

    2. Battle rating guide
    At the start u get next stats:
    • 5 Strength
    • 1 Armor
    • 1 Intellect
    • 5 Endurance
    • 100 Charisma

    By leveing up, for every new level you get bonus stats
    • + 3 Strength
    • + 1 Armor
    • + 1 Endurance
    • + 10 Charisma

    Now to explain you what every stat does:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_1.png
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    1 Strenght = PATK +4 and PDEF +1
    1 Defense = MDEF +4 and PDEF +4
    1 Intellect = MATK +4 and MDEF +1
    1 Endurance = HP +20
    1 Charisma = Troop +1
    Intensity = Increasnig damage to players in % (precent)
    Tenacity = Decrase received damage from players % (precent)
    First five stats can be upgraded with guild skills (duration: while beeging a guild member) (picture below)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2.png
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    To upgrade skills you must contribute to your guild (1000 gold = 1 contribution) or (5 Balens/Bound Balens = 1 contribution), also u can obitain contribution by attending GB (guild battle) u can obitan from 1000-750 contribution it dependes on duration of GB
    You should upgrade guild skills in next order (recomended)
    Level 1 Strenght (200)
    Level 2 Strenght (500)
    Level 1 Defense (200)
    Level 3 Strenght (1000)
    Level 1 Endurance (200)
    Level 2 Defense (500)
    Level 2 Endurance (500)
    Level 4 Strenght (2000)
    Level 3 Defense (1000)
    Level 5 Strenght (3000)
    Level 3 Endurance (1000)
    Level 4 Defense (2000)
    Level 4 Endurance (2000)
    Level 1 Charisma (200)
    Level 2 Charisma (500)
    Total Cost: 14800 contribution = 14 800 000 Gold (this excludes the cost of the gold production but is recomended to boost also that skill)
    After you can upgrade your skills as you wish
    Or with poitons (duration: 1 hour) (picture below)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_3.png
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    You can use potins accordind to level that u are currently on. So:
    • Level 10 can use level 1 potion
    • Level 20 can use level 2 potion
    • Level 30 can use level 3 potion
    • Level 40 can use level 4 potion
    • Level 50 can use level 5 potion
    • Level 60 can use level 6 potion

    Potions can be founded in:
    • Guild shop
    • Guild altar (wheel)
    • Arena and League Insigina shop
    • Events

    Battle Rating (BR) can be boosted with gems, astros (astrals), sylphs, fate stone system etc.
    Your priority is Crirical Your priority is PATK and Crit, make them highest as possible
    After achieving level 45 you get set of quests called "Iperal Glory" finish them and for every title you have u will get bonus stats
    Tip: Save shadow crytals from begining of game (you will have to collect 200 of them)
    3. Skill tree
    There are 2 skill builds: (skills marked as red are active skills and blue are passives)
    • PvP
    • PvE

    PvP skill should look something like this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_4.png
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    They contain next skills:
    1. Arrow Strike
    2. Multi-shot
    3. Eye of the eagle
    4. Acumen
    5. Focused Attack
    6. Delphic Sniper
    7. Lunatic Fire
    8. Bloodthirsty Strike
    9. Battle Prowess
    Note: For those of you who don’t agree on using Bloodthirsty in PvP i would like to prove otherwise. Bloodthirsty is a very useful skill if your damage is good
    and i use bloodthirsty mainly only in Battleground PvP since keeping your HP high there is a must , you cant use your points all the time to refresh HP. And soby picking the right opponent that you can do most damage to , you would like to use your bloodthirsty skill on him or his troops to regen your HP.

    PvE skills should look something are almost same just put Incendiary Shot instead of Lunatic Fire and sometimes when bosses buff-up take Scatter shot

    4. Gems
    Here are all possible gems that can be synthesised and stats that they are giving:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_5.png
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    There are few of gems build that us should using but I am usually stayin with one gem build. And be sure that your gems are on max possible level
    PvP/PvE gem build
    • PATK
    • HP
    • MDEF
    • PDEF

    5. Astro build
    There are few of astro builds but i am also holding to one like gems build
    Here is my build and tips:
    Level 16: Force Astro (PATK)
    Level 20: Sniper's Edge (Critical)
    Level 30: Brilliance (HP)
    Level 40: Switch Brilliance with Foritiude (PDEF) and in free slot put Willpower (MDEF)
    Level 50: Put back Brilliance
    Level 60: Goddess' Blessing (reduces damage taken by some precent)
    Level 60 (Finishing Astral Master quest): Determination (increases critical damage by some precent)
    You get 3 more slots:
    1. By achieving level 70
    2. By acgieving level 80
    3. By finishing Class Advancment
    At that 3 slots put astrals as you wish
    Tip: Make sure that your astro quality is highest possible:
    1. Red astrals
    2. Orange astrals
    3. Purple astrals
    4. Blue astrals
    5. Green astrals

    6. Academy skills
    Academy skills is very expensive way to boost your BR. They require Kyanite and currency that can be founded in event boxes, by plundering players or waiting 12h so your Kyanite plant can grow up . Anyway there are 2 academies: Basic and Advanced. Basic you unlock at level 18 and advanced at level 51. Here are costs of kyanite for every skill:
    Basic academy
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_6.png
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ID:	1765992Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_7.png
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    Advanced Academy
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_8.png
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ID:	1765994Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_9.png
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ID:	1765995

    Hope you guys enjoyed. If i missed something please write in reply. Next guide will be: Sylphs

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    You have a +1 for all the work you`ve put here for the new players, good job.
    Player: sunshinε
    Server: US West - S354 Crystal Well
    Guild: LostSouls

    Class: Knight
    Level: 80
    Battle Rating: 498k

    Not antisocial, just anti-stupidity.


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      Thank u very much, be sure that u will look my next guide


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        Archer is probably the worst class for non-casher
        I dont agree with your astral suggestion, the brilliance astral in particular.
        I don't agree with your priority order with guild skills
        I don't agree with your gem recommendation.

        I give you an A+ for effort though!


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          Have several disagreements with priorities for archers.

          Guild Skills : Gold, Strength, Defence and Endurance all top priorities, Charisma and Intellect can lag behind.
          Astrals: Core three for any archer is Force (or PATK), Sniper's Edge and Determination. Goddess Blessing purple or higher over Brilliance because the additional BR does not cover the amount of damage a player will take. In my opinion, Brilliance Astrals are closer to end of the road or filler type.
          Gems: PATK and Crit are the core of any archer, others like HP, PDEF and MDEF can be switched around based off astrals/guild skills.

          A lot of work went into this, so +1. You've put in a lot of useful information for starting archers, despite my disagreement with some of your advice.
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          Server: whatever the merged Kabam S15/25 is called. I forgot.
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            Originally posted by R2sucksbad View Post
            Archer is probably the worst class for non-casher!
            come against me so we gona see will your non cash mage or knight kick my butt


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              Mages dominate WB on my server Archers tend to if they are not on. The guide is useful at explaining stuff but I think sometime it down how people play and what they get.

              Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


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                This was meant for players who just started being archer, this are all needed info for them But thanks anyway


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                  Mages dominate WB on my server Archers tend to if they are not on. The guide is useful at explaining stuff but I think sometime it down how people play and what they get.
                  It depends... if someone know how to use archer or invest in it (naturally cashers are top ten on list) and proper skill build + electro sylph and ofc astro build with guardian rune makes your fight for gathering as much damage as you can easier, but big number of archers are using Light or Dark sylph so that's kinda tricky subject...


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                    i was arguably the best archer to walk this game

                    and nobody in level 60+ really uses red astrals anymore

                    red astrals
                    patk penetration
                    after that best bet is to get yellow chance astrals
                    IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
                    Class: Archer
                    Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

                    Guild: Black Lotus
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                    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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                      Originally posted by Brutal_Hobo View Post
                      i was arguably the best archer to walk this game.
                      i like your confidence. :-p
                      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                      Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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                        Originally posted by Arlad View Post
                        i like your confidence. :-p

                        self proclamation is the best kind
                        IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
                        Class: Archer
                        Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

                        Guild: Black Lotus
                        Sylph: Hercules ★★ 46968
                        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                        but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente