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  • [GUIDE] Sky Trial

    How to get in?
    You can find Sky Trial from Cloud City map (red circle). Sky Trial unlocks at lvl. 60.
    Click image for larger version

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    Sky Trial main interface
    • Buttons in red rectangle are used to navigate stages
    • Bar in blue rectangle shows your energy and from “buy energy” -button you can buy more if needed
    • In green rectangle you see buffs you have gotten and can buy skills with Explore points.
    • Button in white rectangle opens the weekly ranking for possession.
    • In yellow rectangle are the portals where you do the exploring or possess the Sky Trail posts.
    • Stage you are at is displayed in purple rectangle
    • Icons in red circle display the element of boss in the portal
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    Exploring the Sky Trail (PvE)
    Sky trail has 20 stages, each stage has multiple portals. Once you clear all portals of stage you get clearance reward. Table below shows the clearance rewards.
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    Each portal has first time clearance reward as well. Rewards from those you can see in table below. Element of star tear matches the element/s of portal.
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    After you enter some portal, interface similar to one below opens. To clear one portal, you must explore 100% of it. Your progress is shown in bar at the bottom (blue rectangle). Exploring is done by clicking the explore button. Each explore costs 20 energy and has chance of giving sylph materials, gold, Sky Trial energy, explore points or buffs for the Sky Trail.
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    Strategy for Exploring the Sky Trial
    Most important thing with clearing Sky Trial is to remember to do it daily because you get 500 energy every day at server reset (00:00 server time). Amount of progress per explore gets smaller further you get, so it will take quite long time to clear all portals in all 20 stages. At 100% progress you have to beat the boss of that portal to clear it. If you can’t beat it, you can try changing your resistance to match the boss to reduce the damage you take. Also use the buffs on right side to boost your BR in Sky Trial.

    Possessing Sky Trial posts (PvP)
    Possession of Sky Trial posts is PvP side of the Sky Trial. Each portal in each stage of the Sky Trial has 3 posts you can possess. Possession gives you green Pennants as reward. To access possession interface, you need to click “Possession Location” -icon which you can see after entering portal.
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    Once you enter possession interface you can choose which post to take. In picture below they are unoccupied and you can occupy one by simply clicking it (red rectangle). If there is other player occupying the post, you can fight them and try to win to kick them out of it. After kicking someone out it’s good idea to exit the post yourself also and take it back fast. That way you can guarantee that you can get rewards for 1hr,3hrs and 5hrs occupation if no one kicks you out. Reason for exiting is that sometimes the timer doesn’t work properly if you steal the post from someone else.
    You can see possible rewards in white rectangle. You can get one kind of pennant from each reward tier (1hr,3hrs and 5hrs). Rewards will be sent to your mail after required possession time. Amount of pennants depends on which stage you are occupying the post at. Higher the stage, higher the rewards. Higher stage also means more competition for posts so its more likely for you to get attacked. Newer players should try to play it safe at lower stages, difference in rewards isn’t huge.
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    There is weekly ranking for possession time. Top 100 players of each time zone that hold the posts longest will be rewarded with extra pennants at the end of the week. Rewards for ranking are below.
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