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Upgrading Lvl 70 and 80 Gear

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  • Upgrading Lvl 70 and 80 Gear

    Working on an alt toon... I remember when all the shards needed for upgrading lvl 70 and 80 gear could be found in the Crypt Shop; they are no longer there now. Can some advise please where they can be found. Its amazing how much you forget when it comes to starting over with a new toon!! Many thanks!

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    There was a patch in June that changed where to get materials. Go to Blacksmith - Synthesize - Apply, find the piece of equipment you want to upgrade, hover over the items it's requiring for the synthesis and it will tell you where to get them.
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      Thank you MemoryLane, its been a long time and I was scratching my head as to where the heck it all went to. lol


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        you can get some in Guild shop Arena shop but cheapest place is doing campaign