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shadow thrasher or delphic destroyer on wb?

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  • shadow thrasher or delphic destroyer on wb?

    Which one is better to do max dmg on wb? As we all know wb events are very essentail with all that gold and daru. So, anyone checked both of them?

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    Delphic. Trasher is good but not as good as delphic and you need a lot of dmg for the most gold/daru from wb.


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      Definitely delphic.


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        Shadow Thrasher has the same time delay as Delphic, causes lower damage. Though you can pull 3 Shadow Thrasher (meaning no double hit) during one fight of World Boss, it is better to use that time to refill your rage so you can pull another Delphic on the next fight. And besides, double hitting with Slasher would cause the same amount of damage, if not more.
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          I've already try it if where I can get more gold and daru..and I notice it is in delphic
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