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This year, Chinese New Year dates range from February 13th to February 21st. All of our developers will be unavailable during this period, as well as most R2Games staff. We will still be providing ticket services, forum support, and in-game monitoring during this holiday, but coverage and response times may be constricted.
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Wonderhill has moved to GameRocks

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Chrome Error for logging into server

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  • Chrome Error for logging into server

    Wartunes Flash Error

    I reported this previously also, it doesn't seem like a flash update or a cache cleaning issue, or even an up-to-date browser, etc.

    Normally Wartunes runs 99% normally within Google Chrome. This was tested on two different PC's and on Chrome as well.

    Last time this occurred was a day before server maintenance, and afterwards it was fine.

    For a commonly/popular used browser like Chrome for this to happen is annoying, while yes there are other choices for web browsers to use,

    This just reiterates the point that the game is buggy to the point where flash can't operate right.

    And R2games nor the devs will tell you what to use, or what specs your should play Wartunes on as a liability also.
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    Actually, I think they kept fidgeting with the game with every minute and refresh. They won't tell you this because it would create problems with the player base that they have to clear their caches and/or other things each time they dive in. There are some instances where the game is going okay then moments later it would have a problem on the same task you were doing (for instance, I run three teams through MPDs; I go through my first Tara run without a problem and exit without a problem, second team would have a problem in exiting that I have to refresh, and third team would just exit fine as the first; the next week, all three teams exit correctly; the next week after that, only the first team had a problem in exiting); or if you played on a server, things are going okay, but if you play on a different one, you have problems that you're trying to figure out what went wrong.

    Other flash games I had played (and still playing) never had this problem (with the exception to one where too many players jumped into the largest battle ever known and the connections could not handle it that it crashed). They failed to even disclose what the system requirements are as most places will tell you what the minimum versus recommended would be to play their game. Not only that, but the other versions of Wartune, before 5.1, were operating well for the average player that they don't need to upgrade their computer. Now, with all these flashy things and motion hops, it's becoming a pain in the rear to navigate on any day (why does the Hot Events icon even swirl when you pick up stuff in MPDs anyways?). Instead of putting in a useless (and I say that because not everyone uses it) feature like "full screen" (most use maxed window because they want to do other things), they should address this problem and put forth a setting on such. Me, I don't need a swirl to tell me that something is waiting to be claimed, especially when it gives a false positive after picking up items in MPDs, solos, catas, etc. that has zero relation to the event. I just go in before I leave and check.

    Without the system requirements in place, I expect to play on any browser and I expect the game to operate the way it supposed to be without any issue; however, they need to stop fidgeting with the game and keep the fixes separate until either regular or emergency maintenance is called for such.
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      This has to do with google chrome every so often it likes to disable flash. You can find a fix to this here
      When posting about bugs please include your IGN, platform and server.


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        I never get that Chinese page. However, out of pure amusement, I went and disable flash and I would get an English version of said page; I went back and enable it again. On Internet Explorer, I inadvertently checked in "Active X Filtering" and tried to load up my modules (since they are IE based), and I would get the flash disabled page, in English. After time of trying to disable and re-enable flash at the settings, I found out that the Active X bit was the culprit for this round, so I went to make sure it is unchecked.

        I use Chrome for all my internet (Facebook, Email, Other Flash Games, Youtube, etc.), and IE for Wartune (since the modules are made with such). I've played other flash games like Forge of Empires and Galaxy Online II and I never came across such a page in the event it disables on its own.

        Too bad that R2 has to rely on that bottleneck of an analytic (within javascript; I will have to find the post that I engaged in discussion of such on this forum) and I have to put up with it in order to play the game (tried blocking it once, address wise, via firewall as it's also some form of malware from what folks said and the game would not run; it was then I have to make sure it goes so the game can run). I pretty much don't like to "kiss and tell" when I go online, and this is "kiss and tell" when the server I connect to keeps asking about my computer, with every waking second. That's how lag happens as well.
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        Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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          Originally posted by X-23 View Post
          This has to do with google chrome every so often it likes to disable flash. You can find a fix to this here
          So to my previous post/point, while trying to login 1 hr before maint 2 months back I received the same flash error, after maintenance everything worked again.
          It would be a pure coincidence that google re-enabled chrome again during that same time period.

          The suggestion by R2 doesn't fix the issue, as flash isn't disabled, even r2games was added to the "allow" section.
          So as much as your comment about Chrome disabling flash,

          I'm unable to use chrome to run Wartunes, so i tested this "theory" that flash is disabled based on your comments, however I can still play other flash games i.e. Armorgames, Kongregate, and other flash games on chrome. None of those other websites show that Chinese Flash Error, which suggests that this is on R2 end.

          This error happens after server selection,, therefore its tunneling to R2 hosted end that is showing this error.

          These are the inconsistencies that drive players to give up on the game