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Not Getting Sky Trail Possession Rewards

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  • Not Getting Sky Trail Possession Rewards

    Haven't received any possession rewards for 3 1/2hrs on a 5hr post.. Server S551 Glass Mines a.k.a S92
    Class: Mage Lvl. 80: BR: 60mil+
    Server: S551 Glass Mines a.k.a. S92 Guild: Paradise
    Karma Will Grab You By The Hand and Lead You To Your Destiny

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    Known issue.

    You must have taken a spot from someone who held for over 3 hours.

    If you take a spot from someone, and it doesn't matter which position they are in as every spot is a maximum 5 hour spot, you don't get the rewards that they already earned during the 5 hour period. Either take a spot before they get through the first hour, or take a newly vacated spot after someone gets ejected after hitting 5 hours.
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