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Server Merge's fault?

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  • Server Merge's fault?

    Ever since my server merged, my mini client doesnt save my pass anymore, i check the "Remember Me" box, play the game, quit and when i come back the box is unchecked, not a big deal but in game, when it loads it uploads some files i never seen before like core.swf, before merge the game instantly was loaded to 100%, then in game loading, EVERY time i join the game, every item (vault,events.inventory, everything) is not fully loaded, then the map/terrain in cloud city or mpds is black and loading preety hard, i understand that merging cause some lag but not like this, i just wanna know if this is game's fault, cause when i finish to install flashplayer the download deletes itself (only the chrome flashplayer). So yeah it would be great if you can tell me whos fault is this, if is not yours, ill contact addobe, please reply as fast as you can. Thanks

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    Fault... that's a hard one. It's the internet's fault for not being blazing fast for 99% of people, it's the game's fault for not being optimized as well as it should, it's adobe's fault for not processing flash as fast as it should, it's your computer's fault for not being able to keep up with the heavy demand from flash as it's processing those images. It could also be the host server, since you'd probably be accessing a different one than before, unless you're on the smallest number in the merged set already.

    I don't like to recommend clearing the cache these days, but since you've just merged, it is possible that there's a conflict. Clearing the cache can sometimes result in things loading slower, but sometimes there's no choice but to clear it. It's your call if you do it or not. I can't really give you any suggestions for how to fix the loading of every image in the game every game session, as it's an issue I've had for months that I've always blamed my ISP for, with it's super subpar download speeds being less than a quarter of what is advertised.

    I do recommend reinstalling the client, and deleting saved passwords and cookies related to R2 from IE or Chrome (depending on which client, and which version of that client you are using) and seeing if that helps with being remembered.
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