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stuns bugs and random number generator

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  • stuns bugs and random number generator

    is it me or is the current rate of stun rates so high its litterly every battel. no matter what you do. stun restitance doesn't work. and not just stuns all effects are like multiply 10X. what is the fun of batteling and having a good br and strategy if everything is stunted or debuffed. u ruinend the battel system. even harder now. many people are like why should i try now? pvp is just 1 big duck *** and pve is boring. battel rating doesn't matter. so yes u wish to chase people away is accoring even faster then ever now. i don't see reason to play anymore anyway. no fun in it. properly u don't care or will take ages to change this. so i gueess this a goodbye from me. (atleast) but properly more will follow now. atleast i get zero cash anymore. that is comfortable though. because tbh. the cash system is **** too. so expensive as hell.100% luck. and if u spend 5k or 200k it just depends on luck if u get the item or not, so no fun in batteling and cashing. and then all my friends quiting too. whats the point? to keep playing huh?

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    Yep stun ruined the game you stand no chance anymore without stun either it is relic,goddess or cuties. I'm on edge of quitting myself...........


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      Well I found out it's the Relic (Unholy Saber) that stun me alot during in Group Arena while solo & its not the Goddess who stun at all.
      Even Relic is 15% chance to stun the enemy for 3 turn & Goddess 20% chance to stun for 2 turn.

      Everytime i'm in Group Arena solo, always get stun for 3 turns than added up almost been stun every match can't even make move. If it goddess I will know cause it only last 2 turn, but it's actually last 3 turn especially 1 VS 2-3-4 the team have Relic equip on it's really really annoying when stack up stun & renew the turn's while getting stun.

      This was couple days ago, so today again and from yesterday I am not gonna do Arena ever again. Cause its the stun from the relic, mess up my fun. Actually it's already mess up anyway. I don't see many player in the server is bother to play, could tell by looking at the RAVE ranking list. Usually there alot but after that not many R2 server that I know. (Guess alot of player have quit, cause the game become no fun after there change Guild Battle into Guild Seige as in solo fight and not in team fight).

      I been also reporting & send ticket, but nothing happen have been change.
      East Server: 345 Crystal Plains
      Character: Mage
      Class: Knighthood
      level: 80
      Time Zone: (GMT - 5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
      Games play: League of Angel (first & 2nd vision), Wartune, Crystal Saga (First & 2nd Vision), Dragon Pals, Shadowbound, Lunaria Story, Swords of Divintiy, Dawnbreaker & God Wars [I'm everywhere to play, but of course now i'm focus on Wartune even Wartune I do have different server but won't say to much detail & I do change name depend what anime name]


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        The stun rate is horrible arena today we where a team of 3 we all had double stun's on us we had no chance at all. R2 really messed the game up now. i know many will leave the game now just because if this .this on top of NO resistance against chaos and amnesia.....


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          I was doing group arena today with two other players and two of us were double stunned (two relic stuns on us at the same time) and the other player stunned too, it is very overpowering.I can see the problem at trying to balance stun out but it isnt fun anymore , i tend to stay away from pvp now cause of the stun which makes the game boring, yes i have the stun resistance and no its not maxed but 2 stuns on me at same time from relics?? Have played this game since beginning but the amount of stunning that goes on is ridiculous, just wish i screen shot it.
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            yes they did cry about the stun not working.. so R2 had to answer to that river of tears by "optimizing" Goddesh skills. think we all seen now wich goddesh got her skills optimized. Anime, yes relic stuns but Illiyas stun is working high rate now too and if the player has bouth on, the battle is afful. I have started to select peeps on BG bc of this again yes. Its making me mad again, yes.. actually the beach is starting to feel like a really lovely place again and the flowers outside will need alot of my time... cya!"
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