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Adobe Flash Player issues

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  • Adobe Flash Player issues

    My Adobe Flash Player keeps clashing. Heard this player is no longer being supported. What is the solution?

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    There's a number of things that can cause flash to crash. Abode is still updating flash, so make sure you have to most up to date version. Some browser add-ons can conflict with flash, so try disabling those and see if things improve. You can also try toggling hardware acceleration both in flash and in the browser. Sometimes using a different browser altogether resolves the issue.
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      Now on my third alternatative browser, and the lag / crash is as bad as ever.

      This is only since the last "maintainance" as before that I had no real problems.

      Now I get lag just from logging in, And see the Flash Player cache memory screen every time I refresh.

      Its driving me up the wall, as I now cannot participate in anything with more than one toon - Battlegrounds, dungeons etc.

      If this keeps up, I'm out of here.


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        I hear ya. Not sure why there answer is always the same ( something with your computer) when it was running fine before they did a maintainance. Adobe flash will not be supported much longer So how about we get ahead of this change before it happens instead of just reacting to it when it happens.