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Help with adding an email to my account

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  • Help with adding an email to my account

    I would like to be able to login with my email rather than my facebook, can some mod help me with that?

    I found somewhere where i can put in a new email adress, but its asking me for a password, and since im connecting with facebook i dont really have a password?

    I tried using both my email password and my facebook password and none of them work.

    Would really appreciate some help with this.

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    Log in with Facebook as usual, and go to Just in case, make a note of whatever is currently in the email box. Copy it to notepad or something.

    Click "Change" next to Password. I can't remember if you leave the Current Password box blank, or if you type in the same password in all 3 boxes, but start with leaving Current empty and just type in New and Confirm New. If it logs you out after this step, that email address you copied down is your username. It shouldn't log you out, but... just in case things have changed, you are prepared.

    Then, go back to the /user page and type in an email address you have access to, and click Verify. This email address is now your username.

    You will now log in using the email address you verified and the password you have chosen. You will no longer be able to log in using the Facebook login for the account.

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      Thank you Memory.

      Its not so straight forward but i had to set a password first.

      Got it to work. thanks =)