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Scrolls and their stat boosts

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    Originally posted by Hyorinmaru6 View Post
    true 100 block can increase ur chance to block but it doesn't mean that ur real luck plays no role

    wikia wartune maybe true that if u increase ur block u can dodge and thats a fact i am not denying but its also a fact is u have good luck u can make that 5% chance into a block

    so my point that block and crit is luck based stands
    hehehe as for the block scroll

    block scroll will probably only be coming on the later patches thats when crypt shop gets completed
    Okay, thats more or less what my argument has been, your % chance increases, luck still does play into it lol, but you rely more and more on luck with a lower block or crit stat lol. I know where your coming from now and do agree with you my friend. I do hope they introduce a block scroll later on, would be nice since its the only stat without a scroll lol
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