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VIP. To have or Not to have? My Simplified breakdown.

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  • VIP. To have or Not to have? My Simplified breakdown.

    I have seen a few threads talking about VIP so here is my personal opinion on it.

    To Have
    If you plan on spending at least 50 USD on your account in your WarTunes Career then I would highly recommend it. VIP 1 is half kind of a joke I think. But once you get to Tiers 3 and 4 it becomes much more noticeable. The main thing about the VIP is the bonus xp you get. ( Dungeons only.. No Catacombs or quests bonus that I have noticed). And when you get to the higher levels... Any bonus is welcome. Although the shop is lacking in decent items you will still find plenty to spend you balene on. I prefer lvl 2 gems from shop so I can fuse them but another huge draw is Alchemy. More money= More Astrals= Stronger/rarer Astrals= Stronger Character. Also the addition of more bag space if you are short on coupons. So if you are curious.. There is always something to spend balene on and it comes in handy more often than not.

    Not to Have
    If you don't plan on spending at least 50 USD then VIP is not really the way to go. The time it would take you to gain tiers in PvP is around 1 tier a month. Not very helpful overall. Although the couple of extra missions a day from VIP are helpful by lvl 30ish they just really do not give enough extra xp to truly make a difference. Although I see most people spending at least 50 USD, ( I know I will cover that easily by the time i am done typing this), for those few that wont be spending that much I would suggest avoiding the VIP


    Even though they were just brief opinions I hope they help. Now VIP aside i truly do recommend the First Time Buyers pack. You must purchase Belena to get this. Buying VIP does not count. The extra Money that comes with it is decent but will be quickly spent on the best part of the package. The Trinkets. All I can say is Damn. Massively OP at a lower level and after some scouting I havent seen anything worth replacing them before lvl 50.. maybe even lvl 60. So even if you spend at least 5 USD ( less than VIP) you will get nice starting cash. I think Dura came with it.. I cant remember. A few other items and those super sexy trinkets full of Damage dealing goodness. SO whether you get VIP or Not... The First Time buyers pack is a must have for all players. Cashers and Casual players alike with both benefit from these awesome accessories.
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    Thanks for the information, you may tempt me into going VIP later on :P
    ♥ Shermie ♥