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  • Working Cross Server Arena Chat

    Just like the title implies, was wondering if R2 will work on a working cross server arena chat that will be active when entering the arena for CS PVP. I belong to a group of soldiers that are becoming known across the grid and it sucks when a friend from a different server comes to say hello, you can't reply fast enough because the battle is over with. I had thought the Current button is what gets the chat going, just like in the battle ground, but sadly this was only limited to where I am at in the world. So if we can get this done, friendships will be made, respect and props be given for battles well done, funny jokes can be made... you get the idea.

    -The Santos Team

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    current chat does the job...i talk daily with my friends there lol


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      no it doesn't. not across servers. you only talk for a few seconds if a good battle. else, you have to let them auto on both sides to really chat.