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Wartune Holy Set Events!

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    Originally posted by LeoTitanium21 View Post
    Guys wheres the event where I can exchange a frost leopard card for holy set fragments?
    I have the same question here
    Have one Frost leopard card to exchange, but i didnt find where I can do it :S


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      Originally posted by Doranos89 View Post
      First : Wrong picture for the mount; the one you show is the Rockstar Leopard...
      Second : I don't understand why you give us Athena and Gaia, but not Medusa or Hercules.
      Third : Why Athena and Gaia cost the same than Triton and Cereberus when they both need Divinity shard to get in the first place? Aren't they supposed to cost more (or the others 2 cost less)?
      About the 2nd and 3rd points, I aked myself the same...


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        Anyone getting any free chests today from dungeons catas?


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          the name and picture at mount are good nothing wrong