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Rollback and compensation for S65, S69, S144 and S147

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  • Rollback and compensation for S65, S69, S144 and S147

    Due to a rollback, the players on S65, S69, S144 and S147 will receive compensation.

    If you have recharged during May 7th 3PM GMT and 8th May 11AM GMT but haven't received your balens, you will be compensated for the balens and the recharge event.
    In addition to that, all players on the mentioned servers will receive a compensation.

    The server data will be rolled back to 7th of May 2015, 3.07 PM GMT.

    Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.
    "The trolls of the Ramtops call her Aaoograha hoa ("She Who Must Be Avoided")
    and the dwarf name for her, K'ez'rek d'b'duz, translates to "Go Around the Other Side of the Mountain."

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    don't forget s135
    i buyed balens multiple times did not get them
    and i dont want ticket Cupcake cuz i filled in many tickets

    and then something else

    Thanks for Cupcake my toon with the 1000% exp buff
    and thanks for Cupcake the server with an merge

    we where an beginning server now we have to deal with an old server

    we where lvl 55 those new guys are lvl 74 at least
    it aint fair

    Fix this or else some of us will quit playing
    for real
    it should not be that hard to do something right for 1 time

    if u guys wanna make an right compensation
    then give us the equipment for lvl 60 for free
    and some nice gem packs

    we aint asking for gold or that stuff that is not going to make us any stronger

    i have 80k br on lvl 55 now i have 80k br on 65 i can't play on this way.
    it ain't fun anymore spire is still darn hard for new players tok the same story mpds aren't do able with 80k br on lvl 65

    sorry im yelling out loud
    but im sick of these jokes wartune is giving us

    for example : lvl 9 gem almost 1000 euro's ?
    are u crazy?

    how do we suposed to have fun
    if u give us an 1000% exp buff without the equipment
    it will take to long for us to comenpensate that with some balens or some mpds where u can't find stuff in one or 2 days

    it takes 300 loyds for lvl 60 equipment so 1200 totall
    we can't do that within an apropiate time limit and definitly not with that 1000% buff hanging above our heads
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